Step 2 - 4LIFE

How can I grow?

4LIFE is a catalyst offered once a semester to help you live a fulfilling life in Jesus Christ. We encourage everyone new to St. James or the Christian faith to journey with us and explore the four main areas fundamental to our walk with Christ.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, February 7th-28th at 11:00am. *childcare is provided

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Dianne Capps: or (334) 481-0731

Class 1
Life in Christ We will discover what it means to have life in
Christ and how God’s grace unfolds in our lives.  

Class 2

The Intentional Life We will learn how to grow in relationship to

God in an Intentional way. No one grows by accident.

Class 3

The Fruitful Life We will discover how God has formed us to do good
works for him and find where we are shaped to serve.  

Class 4

The Exceptional Life We will learn to live a life that is more than

just status quo and live the exceptional life that Jesus Christ has paid for.