life classes

These classes exist year round and invite you to experience relevant teaching in a Sunday School environment. 

Signup for Life Classes: Dianne Capps, or 334-481-0731


    When: Sunday's at 9:30 am in Room 4105

    Leaders: Becky Fuller, George Partridge

    Led by a group of gifted teachers, this class is comprised of both married & single adults, 40+. Besides meeting together, emphasis is placed on serving in various mission projects.


    When: Sunday's at 9:30am in Room 4102

    This very sociable class invites you to join them as they develop life-long friendships and model the shepherding traits exhibited by Jesus. Using the Adult Bible series, gifted teachers rotate weekly to help members learn the true meaning of being good shepherds. This class is primarily adults over 70.


    When: Sunday's at 9:30 am in Room 4106

    Leaders: Frances Berryman, Kaki Mahone, Malone Pilgrim, Lorraine Withers

    This class is taught by a rotating schedule of gifted teachers; student books are available in the classroom. Ages 50+.