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  • Andy & Stephanie - life group members

    Last year we lost our son Aaron, mid-pregnancy. However, now we are blessed to be pregnant with another son due this August. The pregnancy has been anything but normal. At 16 weeks I was put on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Our small group jumped right in and helped, from creating an entire schedule to pick our seven year old daughter from school, to making meals, sending encouraging scriptures, and praying with and for us daily! While in the hospital our group came daily with prayers, gift baskets, and smiling faces. Doing life with a group of such dedicated people, made these challenges melt away in the light of His presence and provisions.

  • Van - Member

    Saint James offers a variety of services and worship styles each Sunday. From the contemporary vocalists to the traditional choir, from the guitar to the violin, Saint James attracts phenomenal musicians and worshippers alike! Come join us and see for yourselves!

  • SHARON - mo

    What the youth teachers do each Sunday morning goes way beyond the ordinary! They are truly invested in our children and their developing faith. They show that, not only by volunteering faithfully every week (so that the kids have consistency), but in the way they go above and beyond what is expected. My girls have received birthday cards and sweet notes of encouragement (hand-written and mailed), they have been given birthday gifts, they have been taught the importance and sanctity of Holy Communion, and many other things. As a parent, I am so incredibly thankful for Saint James’ Youth Ministry and the volunteers whose dedication and commitment is such a great witness to our children as to what it means to love like Jesus!

  • darlene - Prison ministry

    The Lord has tremendously blessed me for being a part of the Tutwiler Women's Prison ministry. It doesn’t take much to join this ministry; training is held twice a year in March and September, at Tutwiler. We serve every 2nd Wednesday. At times, it has not been easy; sometimes I had to go alone, and allow God to stretch my faith, realizing that He was with me. When I push those feelings of fear to the side, and put my trust in the Lord, His blessings always rain down. These ladies are wonderful, and praise and worship with everything they have, and the presence of the Lord fills the room. 

  • Hailey - 245 Student Ministries

    “This weekend I went on the Mystery Trip to New York City with Saint James UMC’s student ministry. At the Friday service I prayed that God would put someone in my life to talk to about Jesus Christ. Saturday, while doing prayer stations in The Bronx, I met a woman named Ester who was from Nigeria. Five years ago she lost her job and decided to come to America in search of work. She went to one of the prayer stations, 5 years ago, and they prayed for her to get a job. A couple days later she was employed. As soon as she saw us, she recognized the prayer station. She came up to us and told us that what we were doing was life changing. Her story showed me that God always has a plan for us and that He can use me to impact other people's lives.”