Changing Lives Together

SINCE 1949

Fifty years ago a handful of young adults and children met in a living room and began a great adventure called Saint James United Methodist Church. In 1996, we caught a new vision of the future and moved to the corner of Vaughn and Ryan Road.

We shared a vision that church should be relevant, that serving should be exciting, and that people should be as important to us as they are to God.  

Since then, the dream of Saint James in East Montgomery has become a thrilling reality. Now, through our many ministries, we are reaching thousands of people each week in our mission to make, empower and send out fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We have planned, worked and prayed continuously to help every person in this region to hear, experience and know the love of Christ. 

Look around our rapidly growing community and you will see that our adventurous journey is just getting started. There are so many people – and each person has a heart, and each heart matters to God. That’s why we are on this journey – and that’s why we’ll stay the course until the work is done. "Changing Lives Together."