Local Missions


Angel tree

Angel Tree works by connecting parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. We’re not only delivering a message of love from parent to child, but also the true meaning of Christmas, the good news of Jesus Christ. We are encouraged to continue that relationship with the family throughout the year, inviting them to events - VBS., Easter Sunday, dinner with your family, etc.

Contact Katie Ingram for more information.

Brantwood Children’s Home

Brantwood Children’s Home is exclusively non-profit and is to operate in the best interest of the community while serving homeless, neglected, and/ or abused children by providing for and supervising their education, health, and social adjustment into the community.

Common Ground

Mission: To create a safe haven for children and youth at the times they are most vulnerable to the destructive influences of our streets and to provide holistic development of these youth and children.

Service Opportunities: Tutors, Christmas store volunteers, and much more

Family Promise

Family Promise of Montgomery, Inc. is a non-profit, non-denominational organization for families in housing transition. Family Promise of Montgomery is one of 150 networks across the U.S. Family Promise is a beautiful service model where churches choose to share their facilities with homeless families from their community. Saint James provides safe lodging, meals, and most of all, encouragement to families while they are going through a very difficult situation.

Contact Brandy Tiblier: bltiblier@adem.alabama.gov

Fill A Need (F.A.N.)

Each quarter we will provide you with an opportunity to do something to help fill a need in our local community, which allows us to make a difference in our community all year long! Participation each quarter is completely voluntary. Your only commitment is to help by donating one or more items each quarter.

First Choice

Ministers to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women with unplanned pregnancies. They provide pregnancy testing, adoption referral, counseling, baby items, and preparation for parenting.

Contact Bethany Garth: bethany@firstchoicewmc.com

Food Pantry

We provide groceries to anyone in need, and the participants are able to receive food monthly. We believe it is important to feed the body as well as the soul. We are an approved agency of the Montgomery Area Food Bank.

Service Opportunities: Donate funding or volunteer to help with the actual shopping at the Food Bank as well as organizing the food for distribution.

Contact: Linda Pearson: 334-202-7323 or Don Grobe: 334-312-4281

Mary Ellen’s Hearth

Mary Ellen’s Hearth is a transitional home for mothers and their children who are homeless due to economic hardship, family crisis, divorce, eviction, and severe shortage of safe, affordable housing. The primary goal is to foster independence and help the residents gain the life skills necessary to prevent further chronic homelessness, and do this in a loving Christian setting.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is MACOA’s most visible program where for five days a week MACOA volunteers deliver hot lunches to more than 300 homebound seniors who are unable to prepare their own meals. This vital program also provides a welcome daily contact with senior clients, serves as a means to regularly check recipients’ welfare, and provides food for pets. To older people who cannot prepare meals, the program is a blessing and gives
a sense of security.

Contact Wanda Cleveland: wanda@sjlife.com

mercy house

The Mercy House is a “Day House” that provides a safe haven for homeless people to get a hot meal, take showers, and wash and dry their clothes. It is also a safe place for children to stop in and receive an after school snack on their way home each day. During the holidays and summer, when there is no benefit of a free school sponsored lunch, they feed young people who are hungry. We are a safe place in the community for all people to come spend time in a Godly environment. If you are interested in volunteering or donating financially, please contact us.


Contact Ken Austin: 334.676.1377

Operation Christmas Child

OCC exists to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world, and together with the local church worldwide, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Saint James serves as a regional collection center for OCC and last year collected over 14 thousand shoeboxes!

Contact: Elaine Holt: 334-318-9566

International Missions

Choose water

Choose Water (formerly Water 282) is a non-profit that exists to connect organizations, such as churches, civic clubs, schools, or even individuals, with villages in Africa in need of clean water. We have seen first-hand how bad the water crisis really is in these villages, and how desperately the villagers need clean, safe water near their village. If you are interested in more information, or would like to make a financial contribution, contact us.

Contact Jacob Eubanks for more information

Forgotten Children ministries (Honduras)

This international ministry has a mission to rescue the forgotten and abandoned street children of Honduras through the hope of God’s love. Saint James takes a yearly trip which provides opportunities to spend time and provide hope and love to the children of Grace Farm. If you are interested in going on a trip or making financial contributions, please contact us.

Contact Alan Brewer for more information



Saint James partners with the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church in Zambia where we help provide wells, support pastors in remote villages, and assist in helping build new churches and schools. We take a mission trip to Zambia every other year to share the gospel and support the ministry taking place there. If you are interested in going on a trip or making financial contributions, please contact us.

Contact Jagger Eastman for more information

Outreach Ministries


Baby Blanket Ministry

This ministry makes baby blankets for new born babies of Saint James, usually for baptism but not limited to them.

Qualifications: Volunteers do surging and crocheting.
When: Most Wednesdays

Contact: Saint James Church, 334-277-3037

Caring for Widows

The Caring For Widows Ministry is one of the new ministries at Saint James. This ministry offers support and encouragement to widows with one on one care and fellowship. It is easy to become isolated during the grieving process and Caring For Widows is an opportunity for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one to help others with their care and wisdom. This is part of a community wide effort to help widows know they are loved and cared for as we are instructed to do in James 1:27 and 1 Timothy 5:3.

Contact Mike McKnight: 334-481-

Prayer Shawl Ministry

This ministry makes prayer shawls for the sick, long suffering, or hurting. If you know of someone in need, please let us know.

Qualifications: Volunteers do surging and crocheting.

When: Meetings are called when needed and when anointing is done

Contact: Freda Woodman: 288-4208

Raggedy Ann Dolls

This ministry makes Raggedy Ann Dolls/Angels for sick children or children who could use a little extra love with the purpose “to bring joy to a child so they can experience the love of Jesus Christ”. Each doll is prayed over and anointed.

When: 3rd Saturday of each month

Contact: Coralie McDavid, 272-7860

Sewing Seeds Bandana Dress Ministry

We provide bandana dresses for toddlers all around the world who are in need. We need you to help us continue meeting our goal of helping underprivileged children.

Service Opportunities: When available, you can pick up sewing packets in the lobby that include everything you need to make 4 complete dresses. Financial donations are also welcomed.

Contact: Ellen Cheek: 334-262-5443 or
Laura Birmingham: 334-215-0846

The Church Has Left the Building

This day is designed for all ages and abilities to serve our community as a church body. Our mission is to go outside the walls of Saint James Church one Saturday morning each year to serve together and share the love of Christ to everyone around us!

Contact Jagger Eastman: 334-481-0788

Upward Soccer

Come on a Saturday morning to support our Upward Soccer program, cheer on the participants, and meet families from our local community. If you are interested in volunteering for the program or making financial contributions, please contact us.

Contact: Kari Hutchinson: 334-481-0746, kari@sjlife.com